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[Feb 20 05 ` 9 09 am]
So I decided that I'm doing Beauty and the Beast! I'm very excited, we have started rehersal already so it's going well. Yesterday I had rehersal until 12 and then Metro picked me up and we went out to lunch at the New Century Buffet in Merritt Island, then we went to the beach and the water was sooooooooo cold, but they buried me in the sand so i had to go rinse off! It feels so good to be a little bit tanner now, I needed the sun! But that's it, so you guys should all come see the show there are 10 of them between the 20th and the 30th of April and on some days there are 2, so if you want to go just ask me for showtimes! xoxo
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[Dec 23 04 ` 9 44 am]
I never really update and nothing has really been happening but today is an exception because it's


anyways exams were a rough week.. i hate that week that and finals are the worst of the year..
Went to St. Louis it got down to 14 degrees but no snow! i was highly upset.. I'm off my crutches and doing physical therapy i should be fine in a couple more days.. went to the movies w/ Ryan and Saw Meet the Fockers that movie was hilarious!! I def. recommend going and seeing it! Tomorrow for Christmas Eve i'm going to church then were driving around looking @ christmas lights, then eating and watching Princess Diaries 2.. Then Christmas Day i'm going over to my grandma's house in Orlando.. and tomorrow morning i'm going shopping w/ my dad for something for my grandma for Christmas..
Sunday I might be hanging out with Chris, but if there's anybody else that wants to hang or do anything next week i'm free after tues. Monday my mom is taking my brother and i somewhere and wont tell us where, and then tues is KAYLA'S birthday Party!!!!!! I'm so Excited!! and on Thursday I think I want to go see Darkness anybody wanna go?!
well i'm out
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[Nov 3 04 ` 7 40 am]
[ mood | sick ]

Y for Yes
N for No
M for Maybe
E for eventually
* for Already Have
_ for I'm Not Answering That

Would you..
( ) buy me a drink if I didn't have money?
( ) take me home for the night?
( ) let me sleep in your bed?
( ) sing car karaoke with me?
( ) sit in the doctors office with me because I didn't want to go alone?
( ) come and pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere?
( ) go out with me?
( ) give me your number?
( ) let me kiss you?
( ) have sex with me?
( ) watch a movie with me... even one u dont want to see at all?
( ) let me take you out to dinner?
( ) drive me somewhere/anywhere?
( ) take a shower with me?
( ) be my gf/bf?
( ) have a fling with me?
( ) listen to me if I called you, crying, even if you were out with all of your friends?
( ) re-post this for me to answer your questions?

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My month?! [Nov 2 04 ` 6 43 pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Okay haven't updated in over a month.. Not much has happend.. Homecoming.. great.. had lots of fun everybody looked awesome!! Went to Halloween horror nights that was awesome i love all of the girls n danny of course!! got so scared and a wolf guy tried to hit on me it was hilarious!! ahh i was so scared the whole night!! :-D The dance the same day was great a lot of people didn't have fun but i did!! i met a lot of people it was great.. Past couple weekends just hung out.. Spirit week was awesome.. I got my braces off yesterday now i have a pretty smile :-D Hope everybody else is having as much fun as i am.. cheerleading sux 3 people have quit our squads down to 6.. idk how much longer i'm gonna last.. idk what's gonna happen.. :-/ oh well not much i can do.. that's about it.. oh yeah n i saw Jerod today :-D so today was good!! n i talk funny cuz of my retainer.. oh well
gonna make like a ball n bounce..

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[Sep 28 04 ` 10 31 am]
Okay.. So far all i've been through
is the hurricanes nothing big..
went to a few football games..
cheered some and that's about it
nothing big.. today since there
isn't any school i'm goin to the
Mall with my gurls Julia and Chelsea..
Can't wait for Spirit week.. I hope
that this Friday's pep rally gets pushed
back because nobody is ready for it!! My
cousin comes down from NY on the 7th!! I'm
so excited i haven't seen her in forever!!
She's my favorite cousin!!

We are going to have to make up so much
school.. Definatley not looking forward
to it!! On another note my mommy's sick
she has a fever and hasn't been feeling
well she has a Doc. appt. today so hopefully
it's nothing serious.. She thinks it's
probably just Strep..Which isn't good because
I catch Strep very easily.. When i was younger
i had it almost 2 times a month for 6 months
if i had gotten it again i would've had to have
my tonsils removed :-/!!
Going to get ready to go to the mall.. Love yaz
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[Sep 8 04 ` 11 18 am]
Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...mysterious
Your hugs are...to die for
Your eyes...light up a day
Your touch is...irresistable
Your smell is...refreshing
Your smile is...hypnotising
Your love is...unique
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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[Sep 8 04 ` 10 21 am]
Well The hurricane was interesting.. my mom made me go to GA.. I really wanted to go to Fort Walton Beach to see all of my friends but she didn't wanna be 8 hours from home and GA was only 3 1/2 so yeah but before we left we had to put rascal to sleep.. it was really sad and i really miss him.. but i know he was in pain and it was for the best.. we might be getting another puppy not to take rascals place but because lexi needs someone to play with but yeah.. but yeah GA was boring.. went shopping and got my nails done.. went out to eat a lot.. hung in the hotel.. played phase 10 and went to the pool was about all i did.. got home yesterday.. did work around the house took a 5 hour nap.. sam came over and helped move an air hockey table.. then we talked for a while and that's it.. today no plans.. so idk.. oh and i really wanna go to HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS!! any one wanna go?!?!
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[Aug 30 04 ` 9 29 am]
not much has been happening lately school and practice as usual.. but on friday i went with angela and travis down to the Palm Bay game and i got to see DAVID AND NICK!!!! omg i missed them so much.. nick came over onto the rockledge side and sat with me.. i also hung out with julia hannah tab roger kristin and then calynn and amanda and i saw some other people that i knew i just don't remember.. Saturday didn't really do anything stayed the night @ kristinas and then sunday went to conrad and casey and coreys soccer game.. it was fun except for the fact that i have a really bad sunburn and it's in an x on my back bcuz of the shirt i was wearing.. now today on our day off i had to wake up early because somebody called me!! cough kristin cough any ways.. so i'm up and can't get back to sleep.. i have some h.w. that i need to do and a test to study for.. so yeah.. but that's about it.. i have prac. tues and wed. and then game thurs. and probably the game @ astronaut on friday..
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[Aug 18 04 ` 6 07 pm]
schools been okay.. charley came thank god.. i needed that day off.. had to clean up the yard afterwards and clean up my gma's house cuz she lives in winter park and got hit pretty bad.. boys are stupid.. practice is gay.. and that's about all that's new.. there's this really annoying kid in my Drivers Ed class he's all up in my business and stuff.. friend stuff is goin on i guess.. or w/e idk.. so lonely.. i need to fix that.. but idk.. that's it.. comment..
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[Aug 11 04 ` 6 53 pm]
Second day of school was fine.. gawd boys are so dumb though!!!! geez.. all i want is one that i can trust to stick around and not hurt me.. i've seen what hurt really looks like in my mom.. and i'm so worried about putting some1 through that bcuz i'm so much like my dad and i always end it b4 i have a chance to figure out if it would ever work.. idk.. if there's someone out there like that and u read this.. comment!!! it's been a long day i'm out!
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[Aug 10 04 ` 6 04 pm]
wow first day of school.. well it was good.. got good classes w/ a lotta people i know.. all my teachers seem pretty cool.. coach stock scares me though :-/ i'll live.. it was great seein some people i haven't seen in a while! but yeah pretty much it.. spanish is probably gonna b really hard.. that and geometry seem to b my hardest ones.. and maybe Chem and history.. idk english doesn't seem to hard.. i'll find out! well that's about it.. see everybody tom!
</3 Ashley </3
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[Aug 6 04 ` 11 35 am]
This update is just for my lovely nikki!
We have had great times.. although we grew some what apart over the past year.. we had great times.. suring.. eating out.. camping.. 4th of july at lori's not really on the 4th of july.. going to the beach and when the waves were flat and laying on our boards tryin to tan.. outback and the hott bus boy with the extrememly ugly shoes- major turn off! and the naked paintballing conversation! so many great times and many more to come..i love ya x0x0x
Happy Birthday.. hope it's a special one!
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Sched [Aug 5 04 ` 10 56 am]
1. Chem Honors - Kent
2. American Hist. Honors.- Leib
3. Spanish 2- Ingle
4. Drivers Ed- Stock
Lunch 4
5. Geometery- Cone
6. English 2 honors - Bowen
That's my sched. comment if we have any classes together!
Went and saw the Village on sunday with Julia and went shopping spent a lotta mom's $$ then monday went to the beach.. stayed the night @ julia's went to Sam's party on Tues. Wed. was supposed to go to the movies but ended up not going.. today did registration and i have to help mom in her class room.. no plans for tom.. lemme know if u wanna do something
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[Jul 28 04 ` 7 06 pm]
for almost the past hour i've been messing around with Billy from FWB online just saying raps and stuff and making him fill in the blanks.. i miss FWB so much.. i wish i could just zap myself there every weekend.. i'm gonna try to talk my dad into taking me up there over the summer!! i can't wait!! I love all my friends up there so incredibly much.. but sometime like this year at state they need to come down here so i can show them around my city!! yes cocoa beach where there's actually waves!! ahh i can't wait.. i miss you guys and u need to take a vacation!!!!!!
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[Jul 28 04 ` 8 05 am]
1. I ____ Ashley

2. Ashley is ____.
3. Ashley is my ____.
4. I want to ____ ashley.
5. Ashley can ____ my ____.
6. Ashley needs ____.
7. Ashley can be ____.
8. I think Ashley should ____.
9. Without Ashley i would ____.
10. Best thing about Ashley is ____.
11. Worst thing about Ashley is ____.
12. Meeting Ashley was ____.
13. Ashley reminds me of ____.
14. Someday Ashley will ____.
15. I wish Ashley would _____ for me.
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[Jul 25 04 ` 6 56 pm]
okay so my bday was great.. had a blast all my friends were there and i got a lotta stuff i love my pictures and everything!! dinner was nice and it was just great.. thanks everybody for making it so wonderful!! tues. went bowling had a great time there! wed. didn't do anything.. painted a little and nikki came over and visited with daniel.. Thurs stayed the night @ kristins.. went over to chris' house w/ phillip and went swimming and played "pool".. oh and i tried that dance revolution game.. i suck!! lol friday did some community service thing with kristin and had to wake up at the ass crack of dawn!! and then came home and helped paint a lil.. saturday my mom woke me up early again @ 7:30 to go to JCpenny's for their sale thing or w/e i got some cute shirts and then i went out to dinner w/ my mom bro and mrs. d and went to some fabric stores and Sports authority.. then today woke up early and went driving.. i'm not doing to bad.. and then have just been hangin out around here.. was gonna go to the movies but that got cancelled and rescheduled a million times so we aren't going.. and now i'm bored w/ nothing to do.. Cheer camp starts tom. for all week.. i was really looking forward to the beach.. guess that wont happen :-( then cocoa hyundai stuff on sat. and sun. fun.. yeah.. i've been really confused lately and i don't know what about.. i just need someone to talk to that would understand me and that i can trust.. i need a best friend.. i need to be able to talk to my mom with out worrying about making her cry.. or making her disappointed in me.. lately whatever i've done has been wrong or disappointed someone in some way.. idk i just wish that school would start so i would at least have something to do.. even though i really hate it and i don't wanna go back at least it would keep me busy..
this is really long..
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[Jul 19 04 ` 2 02 pm]
^^ so today woke up @ 5:30.. went to go take a shower and there was a HUGE spider in the shower.. and for those of u who don't know.. i have a trepadation of spiders!!! left the house @ 6:25.. got to the DMV a lil after 7.. signed in went back to the car until 7:30 layed down and tried to sleep.. @ 7:30 went and stood in line.. went inside and sat on the floor a lil later.. finally got called around 10:00 got outta there at 10:30... got my permit.. came home.. went to cracker barrell for breakfast/lunch.. now i'm here extremly tired but can't get to sleep and waiting for people to get home so i can see if they need a ride.. Outback @ 4:00 w/ my dad then picking up some people then off to the game to meet everybody!!! 7:05 manatee stadium for whoever wants to go!! i'll update about more later!!
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[Jul 16 04 ` 9 32 pm]
oh yeah.. and i burnt my stomach baking muffins this morning :-/ it hurt
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[Jul 16 04 ` 9 27 pm]
sarah stayed the night last night!! oh how i missed that girl!! we watched Titanic and What lies beneath and dressed up and did make up and acted like total girls and talked about boys and all our problems!!
Today we hung out around the house, then went to the movies, saw A cinderella story!! It was really cute.. to bad stuff doesn't really happen like that.. went to hancock fabric and looked at stuff for the family room and my room.. then went to the New Century Buffet for dinner then took sarah and mrs. D home then sold car wash tickets.. then went to walgreens and now i'm at home.. tomorrow Car wash.. 9-1 discount auto parts off of barnes and murrell and then not doing anything tom. night, sunday morning Beach?! i think.. plans aren't final yet.. monday wake up early go get my permit.. then out to dinner w/ my dad :-/.. kinda nervous haven't spent time w/ him in almost 5 years by myself just him and me.. should be interesting.. but after dinner manatees game @ 7:05.. everybody's invited.. it's just so that i can see all my friends.. and stuff.. call my cell 4311801
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Summer Fun [Jul 13 04 ` 1 02 pm]
Hey guys.. haven't updated in almost 2 weeks.. well.. July 4th weekend was great.. went to the picnic w/ kristin n her family.. and saw tab n corey and ryne and sam and a whole bunch of other people on the 4th went to my g*ma's house and saw my family.. then went and got fireworks from thunderbolt and saw corey oterro.. then light off fireworks.. on the 5th went to the Groove with Kristin and the Gang @ city walk.. lots of fun!! then the rest of the time i've been hangin @ the baseball fields.. saw Stephanie and Jeremy the other day.. also saw Cay and Angela and Ryan.. Went to the movies with the Baseball team the other night, i thought that we were gonna get kicked out.. we were basicly playing musical chairs!! Not really doing any thing the rest of the week.. Sat. have a car wash.. tom. night maybe going to a baseball game.. MONDAY'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! everybody is invited to go to the Manatees game @ 7:05 space coast stadium.. it's the 19th!! Be there i wanna see all of you!!
I love you guys!!
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